Our services

We can carry out observational and interventional studies on drugs and medical devices according to your needs


We are particularly well-placed to carry out studies based on French Health Insurance databases, an area in which we are experienced and accredited.

Specific services we offer include:

  • setting up large prospective cohorts such as the national stroke cohort (FUN Stroke) and ND-CRIS cohort (Non Dialysis Chronic Renal Insufficiency Study), an incident prospective cohort of patients suffering from chronic kidney disease before supplementation therapy (dialysis/transplantation),
  • performing real life studies on orphan drug efficiency through our partnership with the RaDiCo (Rare Disease Cohorts) platform, hosted by the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM),
  • implementing efficiency measures and monitoring indicators, particularly in the context of performance contracts,
  • setting up biosimilar drug registers with TUA (Temporary Use Authorization) and TUR (Temporary Use Recommendation) statusTU,
  • performing meta-analyses for indirect comparison,
  • responding to risk management plan requirements,
  • performing perceived health surveys in collaboration with EA-7334 REMES research units,

We also have the experience to help you to draft drug reimbursement applications.